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      It's 2012 and it's the year of the Dragon. I didn't realize this, but apparently whenever the highly prized year of the dragon comes around it's also known as the year of the Water Dragon. I hope that doesn't influence anyone into impulse buying a water dragon lizard! Well, there's plenty of information on this site for brand new and even not so new reptile owners.

      I've just made It's hard to believe this page has been around since 1995 and I've only just got around to creating a Facebook page for Tricia's Chinese Water Dragon! I guess I'm a little behind! I'll be updating the facebook page with some information about water dragons and other reptiles. Please visit our Facebook page and have a look around. Please LIKE it if you support this site!

     In 2006 I wrote an article for Reptiles USA magazine! The annual issue came out at the beginning of August 2006 and it contained an article on the care of the Chinese Water dragon written by yours truly - Tricia P.

     I also think it's high time this site got a make over so I plan on working on a major update and redesign over the next few months. Hopefully I'll have it finished soon.

     Many of my regular readers and list members probably know that I've been sick for some time with Crohn's disease. I've been off work for the last 6 years due to my illness. I have many off days and I do not answer my e-mail as often as I used to in the past. So if you are not getting personal answers from me when you write to me about your pet reptile that is the reason why.

     Please do visit the Water Dragon Mailing List page as you'll get many answers to your questions about water dragon care if you join the list.

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     Just a friendly reminder to all of my visitors. Tricia's Reptile and Amphibian care page has a sister site- Reptile Logic and I'd really appreciate it if you would visit the new site, leave some comments, and participate in the poll (bottom left of main page). You need to register to leave comments, or to add your own web links to the site. Registered member may also start their own pet related blog on the site. I started the site so that YOU the reptile community could actually participate in a sites creation and content, which is why, when you register to become a member of Reptile Logic you can also submit care sheets, tips and FAQ's of your own. Use the "Submit News" button in the login menu to post a blog, submit an article (news) or add a link to the site. It's easy! See you there! All submissions are of course Moderated! I'd love for you to contribute articles about the care of Water dragons, and of course other herps and amphibians.

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February, 1st, 2006

      Don't forget about the Blog that I created on for reptile and amphibian keepers. If you are a herper you can create your own blog on my new site about your pet reptile or amphibian. Tell us about your pets latest antics or the crazy things you do to keep your special pet happy and healthy. We want to see what you have to say. :) Again, I'm sorry to say that I monitor this site closely and all submissions may be moderated, so keep posts on topic please.

Fact: Over 17 million visitors since 1995!

December 29th, 2005

      Tricia's Chinese water dragon, Reptile and Amphibian Care page is officially 16 years old! I started this website and the water dragon mailing this on December, 29th, 1995. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the visitors to this site, and to my water dragon mailing list members. With your help and your input this page has become a very popular Internet site for reptile and amphibian information. Thank You. I hope that you will continue to make regular visits to this site.

     I've put many hours into this site in order to try to help reptile and amphibian keepers from all over the world. It sure is nice to know that there are that many reptile and amphibian lovers out there. :) Please take care of your animals and learn as much as you can about their care. They are precious creatures- and they are now depending upon you to care for them properly.

      This site is well known for it's Chinese water dragon care information, however, this site has care information about many different reptiles and amphibians, including iguanas, chameleons, various turtles and tortoises, frogs, toads and snakes. Please explore the site and check out the care sheets for the animals you are interested in. There are also quite a few health care articles on this site- MBD, Parasites, dehydration, common ailments. Take a Look!

     Please visit the Site Map for this site in case you've over looked something! Believe me- this site covers just about everything! :)

Use the Google search tool below to search my site!

Reptile Logic - Your Herp Care Information Center

December 1st, 2005

     Open Now! A brand new sister site! Reptile Logic will be the place to go to get information about reptile and amphibians in the news, start your own Herp Photo Gallery, create your own reptile or amphibian related Blog as well as read Tricia's Blog, and access health care articles, care sheets and links to other herpetocultural resources. Please visit our new site, explore and feel free to contribute articles, links, and your own photos.

     While I do appreciate all of the mail that this page generates, and do not mind trying to help a reptile owner when I can, I simply receive too much e-mail! :) This is a very busy site and it seems that many of you want to write to me. :) I am overwhelmed! Please, before you write to me, look over this index and try to find what you are looking for, I'm sure it's here somewhere. LOL no seriously, I've tried to make this page as user friendly as possible. Look at the image at the top of each page and click on the topic that best suites your needs and more than likely you will find a TON of information. :). If you really need to E-Mail Me go ahead.

     *** If you believe your animal is ill, please don't waste your time writing to me and waiting for a reply. I can't see your animal and I can't see the conditions that it's living in, so most of the time my suggestion is more than likely going to be that you take your animal to a veterinarian that specializes in the care of reptiles. ***

     As you've probably noticed this web site isn't just about water dragons. There is quite a bit of reptile related information and links to other pages on this site. To get you started the most important pages on this website are listed to the left.

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