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The Water Dragon Mailing List

Sponsored by The University of Guelph

      The Water Dragon Mailing list has been in existence since 1995. It was the first, and is the oldest water dragon list on the Internet. Subscribe to the list if you would like to speak with other water dragon owners, or, subscribe if you are just thinking about purchasing a water dragon and would like to learn more about these wonderful creatures by speaking with people that actually own these splendid lizards!

Oldest and Best
Waterdragon Mailing list
on the Internet
AND Click here to join UK_WaterDragons

How to subscribe to the list:

send email to:

In the body of the mail message, simply type:

subscribe waterdragon Full Name

e.g.. subscribe waterdragon John Doe

      *** When subscribing to the list please make sure that you type waterdragon as ONE word- if you don't you will end up on a water conservation list and they will probably get a little bit upset with you for being the 1000th water dragon owner to try to ask lizard questions on their water list! LOL ***

      Note: I have set the list to confirm subscription requests. After you subscribe as described above, listserv will send you a message and ask you to confirm your subscription. Simply reply to this message as instructed and you will become a member of the Water dragon mailing list.

Digest Version of the Water dragon list- optional

      Those of you on the list who mainly read and do not post may be very interested in this option. :) If you choose the digest format you will receive one large post from the list each day that contains all of the letters that have been sent to the list in a 24 hour period. If there have been a lot of posts you may receive more than one digest in a day. I have set the digest option so that the daily digest will be sent out at 4 P.M. each day. I'm in Canada (Ontario) and so is the listserv so if you are located in a different time zone you will receive the list at a different time- obviously. :)

      If you are a frequent poster, or a new owner with many questions this option may not be good for you. I have been on digest lists before and it's not as easy to respond to an interesting post because you have to either delete all of the letters that you are not interested in, or cut and paste the letter you want to respond to onto a new letter destined for the list.... so if you think you will be posting a lot do yourself a favour and stay on the regular mailing list. :)

      I don't know if new users can subscribe immediately to the digested list, but once a user is subscribed they can use the set command to change over to the digest.

Send a message to: Change to Digest Mode

In the body of the message type:

SET Waterdragon digests

      You will receive a confirmation message back from the listserv telling you that your subscription options have been successfully updated.

      If you decided that you don't like the digest format and want to receive the posts individually as they are sent to the list simply use the set command again but in the message body type:

SET Waterdragon Mail Change to Regular Mail Mode

How to unsubscribe from the list:

send email: Unsubscribe from List

In the body of the mail message, simply type:

SIGNOFF waterdragon

      * Please Note- remember the SIGNOFF command. The list is very busy with over 250 subscribers at this time and although I can subscribe and signoff people, I simply do not have the time to do so. If you are having trouble unsubscribing to the list you are welcome to write to me, but otherwise please remove yourself from the list on your own if you ever do want to get off this list (but why would you want to? :) ).

How to use the Archives!

      The water dragon mailing list is archived. This means that every single word or discussion posted to the list has been stored in archives and is there for you to RETRIEVE!

      You can access the archives online by visiting the online waterdragon mailing list archives

      The SEARCH command is the easiest way to look for information about a topic that might have been discussed on the list in the past several years.

      Send a letter to with the command :

      SEARCH {search word} in WATERDRAGON

  • Example:
  • end

      get this back:

  • 2012 matches (only the first 100 will be shown).
  • Item # Date Time Recs Subject ------ ---- ---- ---- -------
  • 000019 96/07/12 18:50 55 Re: pinkies,universities,replies
  • 000021 96/07/12 18:51 58 Re: pinkies,universities,replies
  • 000026 96/07/12 20:51 21 Re: CRICKET SIZE
  • 000037 96/07/14 17:32 67 Insects - let's find out the best around us
  • 000042 96/07/14 18:11 98 Re: pinkies,universities,replies
  • 000052 96/07/15 13:23 91 Re: pinkies,universities,replies
  • 000070 96/07/16 02:17 90 Re: CRICKETS
  • 000081 96/07/16 18:09 51 Re: stuff
  • 000114 96/07/17 23:05 68 Re: Baby's eye injury
  • 000129 96/07/18 08:57 52 Eggs, eggs, and more EGGS!!!
  • 000135 96/07/18 16:38 37 Re: Plastic snouts
  • 000138 96/07/18 16:38 53 Re: Eggs, eggs, and more EGGS!!!

      You will get samples of each post where the word egg was used. Now you can use the get command to actually get the letter that is of interest to you. For example, the third last letter 000129 Eggs, eggs, and more EGGS!!! sounds interesting to me, so I think I'll retrieve it with this command:

  • GETPOST WATERDRAGON 129 (including the 0's isn't necessary)
  • end

     And you will receive a copy of that post in it's entirety:

How to post to the list:

Once you have subscribed to the list you can post by:

send email to:

The first message that you post:

Should be in plain text ONLY- not in HTML (no backgrounds, no coloured lettering or fancy fonts etc.); Should not have any attachments, and should not include pictures- gifs or jpegs. See below to find out more!

      It would be very helpful if the first post that you make to the list contains the following information:

  1. Mentions that you are new to the list.
  2. Tells all of us a little bit about your self such as where you are from (State, Province or Country will do.)
  3. Tells all of us a little bit about your dragon(s):

    • Name(s),
    • Size-snout to vent, and total length,
    • How you are housing your dragon(s)...

      Feel free to post questions to the list about the care of your water dragon, or specific questions regarding a problem that you may be having with your dragon(s) (again, give us all the details that you feel are pertinent to your problem so that we can try to help you as quickly as possible.)

Posting Rules!

      Our formal list has been operating since December '95 and it appears that we have a very friendly helpful group of people from several countries, with varying backgrounds, interests and age groups. The occasional argument has arisen and I believe that the majority of the list is not interested in off-topic arguments. If you disagree with someone's point of view and feel the issue cannot be resolved on the list in a peaceful manner I would prefer that the disagreement be taken to private email. The majority of subscribers to the list are adults but occasionally we do have younger subscribers.

      I would like to state now that all postings to the list should not contain foul language. :)

     Continuous off topic posting or chatter should also be taken to private email! Remember, we are a Water Dragon Discussion list - and the purpose of the list is to help water dragon owners learn how to care for their animals properly, offer suggestions, help list members find reptile vets in their area, and to share our experiences with these lovely animals.

     List members should try to stay on topic when posting to the list. If, by chance, someone sends an off topic post to the list for whatever reason (i.e. non water dragon/ sick herp perhaps?), replies to that post should be sent privately to the original poster and not to the list. Thank you! It is always better to take unrelated matters to private mail and thus avoid cluttering up the list mail with too much "off topic" chatter.

     When replying, a SMALL "quote" of the original letter lets people know what you are replying to - do not repost the entire letter if your answer is relevant only to one or two lines of the original post. Remember some of our members are paying for every minute that they are Online so quoting several paragraphs of a letter simply to say "yes I agree" will be frowned upon.

      Subscribers that abuse the water dragon list policy of no foul language, no off topic postings, and or involve themselves in nasty arguments or flames on the list will politely be asked to take their discussion to private email. If the person continues to be disruptive to the list after being warned to take it to private email they will then be unsubscribed from the list by the listowner. I have never had to do this as the list is generally peaceful and helpful but I felt that new subscribers should know the list policy.

Email Virus', Chain letters etc.:

      I would also like to mention that warnings about email virus', chain letters, get rich quick schemes, contests of any kind, and "sick child wants post cards- break world record" posts are not acceptable on this list. Most of these kinds of posts are hoaxes or spams and have no place on the water dragon discussion list. Flame wars have broken out in the past over the sending of these kinds of posts. If you come across something that you feel the list should know about, but you aren't really sure if it's a spam or if its real please send a copy of the letter to me before posting it to the list. I will determine if the post is suitable for the list.

Posting in Rich text format, HTML, and sending attachments and Graphics:

      Many e-mail programs now give posters the ability to send mail in HTML format with colourful backgrounds, web page backgrounds, different fonts, coloured fonts, sound, and even animated graphics.

      Unfortunately these kinds of posts wreck havoc on a mailing list!

      HTML format messes up the digest version of the list, and people who are connecting to the Internet and can only get email from UNIX or text based systems either have great trouble reading HTML posts and postings with attachments, or can't open them at all.

      Please turn off the HTML option when posting to the list. POST ONLY IN PLAIN TEXT WITH NO ATTACHMENTS! If you have trouble turning off the HTML option please write back to me E-mail and tell me what email software you are using and I will try to help you with it. :) or see the "Posting in Plain text- how to turn off HTML" page for instructions.

      This is the reasoning behind not posting in HTML to mailing lists:

      Many email software packages can now give people the ability to send letters using several different HTML formats such as different fonts, italics, colour backgrounds, fancy lines and bullets, inline pictures, and many of these programs can also send automatic attachments such as v-cards, or winmail.dat attachments. Please do not use any of these fancy new abilities or attachments!

      All posts to the mailing list must be in plain text with no attachments of any kind such as v-cards, or winmail.dat attachments.

      A) You must remember that some of our members are using UNIX servers and email programs that only accept text posts (and they can't do a thing to change this fact);

      B) Several of our members are from Europe or other countries that charge very high telephone and Internet connection rates so the longer it takes them to download their mail the more they end up paying. HTML attachments, v-cards, winmail.dat and pictures only fatten the post and cause more download time for these people.;

      C) The list members who receive the digest version are also affected by all of the HTML add-ons, v-cards, winmail.dats and any pictures that are sent to the list.

      As an example, when someone uses HTML in their post with a colour background and perhaps say a couple of different fonts ... ALL of the posts after this one persons post on the digest run together like one HUGE paragraph, and usually in a different font than the rest of the digest is printed in. This makes the digest very hard to read.

      Winmail.dat attachments cause some of the digest members to not be able to open their version of the digest at all. Therefore they may lose a lot of valuable information from that one digest just because of someone's attachment.

Scanned Photographs:

      Scanned photo's of your water dragon or other pets should NOT be sent directly to the list either. Everyone loves to see other peoples animals, but the list is not the place to post large pictures. Binary files are usually quite large and can cause quite a few problems with other peoples email retrieval when sent without warning. PLEASE do not send pictures to the list.

      If you would like others to see a picture of your water dragon please send your scanned photo (100K or less, GIF or JPEG preferred) directly to me at with a description of the photo. I will then post the picture on my Water Dragon Photo Gallery page ( the next time I update the pages. Unfortunately no updates have been done to the photo gallery recently because it is so LARGE!

      You could also post your pictures to your own web space or create a home page of your own on Geocities or another free home page web site, and then announce that you have posted pictures to the site on the list and those who are interested may visit your site and view the pictures at their leisure.

Full Mailboxes!

      Check your mail on a regular basis- PLEASE! Not to pick ... but AOL members especially, must have very small mailboxes and if you don't check your mail everyday or two your mailbox can fill up quickly. I also believe that when some people check their mail they leave copies of their mail on the server. Unfortunately even though you are checking your mail, if the mail is still being left on the server you could end up with a full mailbox problem easily enough.

      The result of a full mailbox is:

      A) You don't get any more waterdragon email or any other mail for that matter until you empty your mailbox,

      B) The list owner gets an error message for every letter sent to the list that cant get to you because your mailbox is FULL!

      C) If I, as the listowner, get error messages for more than a week I become quite frustrated as I have no way of contacting you because your mailbox is full ... so all I can do to lessen the amount of error messages that I recessive on a daily basis is to delete the person who hasn't checked their mail for a week or so. Sorry. (considering that this list can get 100 or more emails a day ... waiting a week, with one error message for each letter that doesn't get to a full mailbox results in an awful lot of error messages for me. Waiting a week is quite patient of me if I say so myself, please don't do this to me!)

If you are a new water dragon owner

     please visit

  1. Tricia's Water Dragon Page and from there go on to visit:
  2. Dragontips This document will help ensure that you are set up properly and point out little mistakes that you might be making - hopefully before it's too late!
  3. Chinese Water dragon FAQ This document acts like a diagnostic- it will walk you through the most important aspects of care and point out common problems.
  4. Care of the Chinese water dragon This page covers all of the basics of temperatures to keep the dragon at, to enclosures, to humidity, to diet. It is a must read!
  5. Enclosures for Chinese water dragons This article goes over all the aspects of your dragons home.
  6. Diet of Chinese water dragons This page goes over all the do's and don'ts for the water dragon diet and explains why calcium supplementation is so important.
  7. Common ailments of Chinese water dragon This article describes the most common ailments that you are likely to run into with your water dragon and explains how to recognize each illness.
  8. Problems with Chinese water dragons Another diagnostic article that will lead you to many other important pages and articles as you cover each important topic.
  9. Snout Damage and how to prevent it One of the most common problems with water dragons is that they are kept in glass enclosures and often rub and damage their snouts on the glass. Please read this in order to find out how to prevent this behaviour!
  10. The Importance of feeding whole prey food items This document explains why having some whole prey food items in your water dragons diet is so important to it's overall health.

Common Listserv commands:

      You can change your list preferences online (and even subscribe to the list online) by visiting The Listserv at the University of Guelph. Click on subscribers corner and then click on Get a new listserv password. Follow the instructions from there by signing in with the e-mail address that you use or want to use on the list. Once you are signed in you will be shown a list of mailing lists at the University of Guelph that you can subscribe to, or that you are already subscribed to. Choose waterdragon and go from there.

To use any of the following commands send email to:

and in the body of the message use any of the following commands. (substituting your own name where it says "full name".

  • Info topic|listname (Order documentation)

    For example you could send a message body that says info waterdragon

  • Lists Detail|Short|Global (Get a description of all lists)
  • SUBscribe WATERDRAGON full name (Subscribe to a list)
  • SIGNOFF WATERDRAGON (Sign off from a list )
  • SIGNOFF * (NETWIDE (from all lists on all servers)
  • REView listname options (Review a list Query)

    For example, if you typed REView WATERDRAGON in the message you would get a list of all of the subscribers of the list- this option is only available to list members.

  • listname (Query your subscription options)

    If you sent a message with QUERY WATERDRAGON in the body you would receive a message stating your subscription options for the list ie mail, nomail, digest, nodigest.....

  • SET listname options (Update your subscription options)

    To change your subscription options you might:

          If you are going on holiday the set command is very useful. Instead of unsubscribing from the list while you are going to be away, or instead of coming home to a full mailbox, you can simply tell the list not to send mail to you by once again using the SET command:

    SET Waterdragon NOmail (or if you are on the digest- NOdigest)

    When you return from holidays, simply send listserv a message to send you mail again by using:

    SET waterdragon Mail (or Digest)

  • INDex filelist_name (Order a list of LISTSERV files)
  • GET filename filetype (Order a file from LISTSERV)
  • REGister full_name|OFF (Tell LISTSERV about your name)

Water Dragon Books

Green Water Dragons, Sailfin Lizards and Basilisks (General Care and Maintenance of Series) by Philippe De Vosjoli

Get this Item at

Get this item at

Get this Item at Amazon Canada


      Basic but detailed information about the care, diet, and health of green water dragons, sailfin lizards and basilisks.

Anoles, Basilisks, and Water Dragons Anoles, Basilisks and Water Dragons : A Complete Pet Care Manual (More Complete Pet Owner's Manuals) by Richard D. Bartlett, Patricia P. Bartlett (Contributor)

Get this Item at

Get this item at

Get this Item at Amazon Canada


     Discussion of the general care of many species of anole, basilisks and water dragons. Excellent information regarding enclosures, cage building, and insect care and breeding.

Eat this Bug Eat This Bug : A Guide to Invertebrate Live Foods for Reptiles and Amphibians by Lynn Davis

Get this Item at

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      This book is a guide for owners of reptiles and amphibians who feed insects and other live foods to their pets. Advice is offered for selecting , ordering and raising your own supply of live invertebrate foods. More than a dozen species of live foods are discussed. The book includes instructions on keeping cultures of insects, and recipes & diets for insects.

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