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The Chinese Water Dragon Literature Page


How to obtain copies of the following articles

      On this page you will find various articles about water dragons and their care. A brief outline of what the article covers is listed below each heading. If you would like copies of any of the following articles please email me to obtain a copy.

      To receive a copy of an article please email : me

"The Captive Breeding of Chinese Water Dragon and Attendant Difficulties"

      The Captive Breeding of Chinese Water Dragon and Attendant Difficulties. Edwin Blake, Head Keeper, Reptile section (1982) Annual Report Zoological Society of Scotland 70: 46-52. Discussion of captive maintenance and breeding of water dragons at the Edinburgh Zoo from 1979 to 1982.

Various regimes evaluated to identify conditions conducive to successful breeding and hatching of young. An interesting description of courtship and mating behavior is presented along with several line drawings portraying some of these events. Based on results, Blake modified the diet of their WDs to include vitamin D3 and calcium supplements, nutrients he felt were essential to success in breeding WDs.

The Chinese Water Dragon-Experiences with Physignathus cocincinus

      Ralf Heselhaus (1989) Tropical Fish Hobbyist, July 1989: 96-100. Discussion of the keeping and care of water dragons in captivity is focused on in this article. Mating and behavioral habits of these animals are discussed, some potential medical problems are looked at, all to the end of assessment of these lizards as a recommended terrarium pet. It is important to note that while the author of this article was never able to observe aggression towards the youngsters from adult dragons, mature dragons will sometimes eat small dragons - so be sure to keep them separated as a precaution.

New Notes On Hagen Full Spectrum Fluorescent Lamps

      Louise Bauck, with data from David M. Jackson of BU School of Medicine (October 24, 1994) Rolf C. Hagen Corporation two page customer relations paper Talk about known benefits of UV and what to expect from UV lighting and dietary supplementation

Toxic, Non-toxic and Edible Plants for herps

      Here are three lists of plants that are currently known to be toxic, non-toxic, and edible for herps.

Wild Dragons (The Herp Bag)

      Author unknown, Tropical Fish Hobbyist, June 1994: 129. Brief discussion touching on basic information of water dragons. Information includes natural habitat, diet, predators, and reproduction.

Other articles available by email

      All of my water dragon pages are now available by email for those that are unable to copy the pages directly off the web. :) Here is a list of what is available:

  • Tricia's Water Dragon Page

    Contains information about the care, maintenance, diet and housing of the Chinese water dragon.

  • The water dragon mailing list

    Contains information about joining the water dragon mailing list.

  • Behaviour of Chinese water dragons

    Behaviour of the Chinese water dragon, socialization, handling and taming tips, information about shedding and nail clipping too. :)

  • Breeding Chinese water dragons

    Breeding behaviour, egg incubation, and care of hatchling water dragons.

  • Travelling with your water dragon

    Every one has to take their dragon to the vet, or you may need to move your dragon, or even take him on a trip with you- here are some tips on how to do this. :)

  • Purchasing a water Dragon

    How to choose a healthy dragon and the Importance of seeing the vet.

  • Stomititis- Mouthrot Doc

    Water dragons frequently have snout damage- this can lead to mouth rot so this document is a very important article for water dragon owners to have on hand.

  • Egg-binding Doc

    Sometimes a female water dragon will be unable to deliver her eggs (and yes she may develop eggs even if she hasnt been near a male, they just wont be fertile) so if you have a female dragon, or if you dont know what sex your dragon is you really should read this article.

  • Mite and tick eradication

    Many herps can tell stories about mite or tick infestations in their herp collections! Here are some safe ways to rid your herps of mites and ticks if they are unlucky enough to become infested with them.

Water Dragon Books

Green Water Dragons, Sailfin Lizards and Basilisks (General Care and Maintenance of Series) by Philippe De Vosjoli

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      Basic but detailed information about the care, diet, and health of green water dragons, sailfin lizards and basilisks.

Anoles, Basilisks, and Water Dragons Anoles, Basilisks and Water Dragons : A Complete Pet Care Manual (More Complete Pet Owner's Manuals) by Richard D. Bartlett, Patricia P. Bartlett (Contributor)

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     Discussion of the general care of many species of anole, basilisks and water dragons. Excellent information regarding enclosures, cage building, and insect care and breeding.

Eat this Bug Eat This Bug : A Guide to Invertebrate Live Foods for Reptiles and Amphibians by Lynn Davis

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      This book is a guide for owners of reptiles and amphibians who feed insects and other live foods to their pets. Advice is offered for selecting , ordering and raising your own supply of live invertebrate foods. More than a dozen species of live foods are discussed. The book includes instructions on keeping cultures of insects, and recipes & diets for insects.

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