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Biodiversity in Vietnam- Funding needed!

Herpetological Research in Vietnam

     My web site "Tricia's Water Dragon Page" has been of great help to many of you. I believe the water dragon mailing list that I created has also been of great help to many water dragon owners as well. Occasionally people who have been helped personally by me, my pages, or the list have written to me offering to send me a donation for the work that I have done. I do not accept donations. I created the pages and the mailing list because I love water dragons, and I want everyone who keeps one to have a healthy happy dragon. I do it for the dragons. :)

     Now, having said that. :) If you feel my pages have helped you care for your water dragon or other reptiles better, or if you are interested in biodiversity in Vietnam, and/or you want to learn more about water dragons in their natural environment- directly from herpetologists who have studied them recently- please consider making a donation to the "Biodiversity in Vietnam" project.

     The Royal Ontario Museum created the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, and since it's creation in 1995 several biodiversity studies have been taking place. One of the departments of study- Tropical Biodiversity- has been conducting research of the biodiversity of Vietnam:

Biodiversity in Vietnam

     "A multi disciplinary effort is underway to document the extent of biodiversity in Vietnam, and assist with the design of conservation programs that will be sustainable with limited resources. Both traditional and cutting-edge molecular methods are involved in examining a megadiversity ranging from rainforest and Mekong Delta terrestrial species, to coral reef fishes. The vast, unknown diversity of species represents an untapped wealth for all peoples, including Ontarians. This wealth includes an unlimited potential for new pharmaceuticals." Please see Vietnam Biodiversity project for more information about the actual study.

     If you read my page Water Dragons in Vietnam- Natural Environment and Vietnam Wildlife Found threatened you will understand the economic and environmental conditions of Vietnam much better, and realize that there is such a diverse population of reptile and amphibian species in Vietnam that many new species are being discovered each year.

     This research is very important. Not only are new species of reptile, amphibian and mammal being discovered, but new plant species and studies have been taking place as well.

     As water dragon owners we should have a special interest in this project, since many of the water dragons currently being sold in the pet trade have been imported out of Vietnam. I have been fortunate enough to have contacted and corresponded with some of the researchers on the project, and I have asked them to study and make observations of Physignathus in the wild for us, so that we can learn more about their natural environment, socialization and perhaps diet. This project might help us learn more about water dragons in the wild that will in turn help all of us with our captive care.

     When I told researcher Amy Lathrop that I had asked the water dragon mailing list to make donations towards the Biodiversity in Vietnam Project, she said:

     "That is a great letter that you sent out to your readers. We really appreciate the effort you have gone to. Don't worry about Dr. Bob Murphy- I have been keeping him up-to-date on all of this. It is not as if this is something he wouldn't approve of. Bob is very eager to learn and gather info on as much as we can in Vietnam. He is very pleased by your initiative as well, and agrees that we should try and help you out."

To make a Donation:

      Donations should be made out to THE ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM FOUNDATION (Canadian source) or THE ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM (USA source). Each donation should have enclosed with the cheque, something that indicates that it is for Herpetological research in Vietnam.

  • The Royal Ontario Museum Foundation
  • 100 Queen's Park,
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Canada
  • M5S 2C6
  • Telephone: (416) 586-5660
  • Facsimile: (416) 586-5649

     If the gifts are from people who wish Canadian tax receipts, their cheques should be made out to THE ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM FOUNDATION. If the gifts are from people with American source income, the cheques should be made out to the THE ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM as it is designated as a charity in the USA and the FOUNDATION is not. This is a very IMPORTANT difference to note.

     I realize that very few of you, if any, would be able to make a large donation, but if anyone can, here is what I was told by the Royal Ontario Museum- "If any individual donors give $1,000 or more each, they would be entitled to receive a membership in the Royal Terrace Circle. And lastly, any donation over $30,000 Canadian will be honoured by having a new species named after that patron. I realize that many of your subscribers won't have a lot of excess money to donate. Our feeling is that every little bit helps. We really appreciate your effort to help us out! "

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